Wednesday, April 26, 2017


When i think of hope, i think of when things turn from bad to good. What i mean by that is that hope is something that people have so that way they wont always have the mentality of what actually might happen. Hope is something that is very powerful and can change lives. Sometimes hope can have a very large impact on people and can accomplish very extraordinary things. How i maintain hope is by always having a positive mind. Even when things don't go as planned, i always try and stay positive. That doesn't mean i don't get sad or angry, it just means that my mentality is to try and stay positive. When someone loses hope for what ever reason, it's very hard to get back to what it was, but not impossible. Having hope can result in almost magical things that can change history.

I remember back in 2014 in February when my grandpa was in the hospital over at sharp hospital. he had an ulcer that when he would move, he would cough blood. When my uncle took him to the emergency room, family members came to the hospital to see him. Everything was going well until his stitches undid and he was gonna die. My family was praying all the time so that way he can feel and be much better. What really sucks about it is that my dad was still in Texas for his work. We didn't know if my dad was going to see his dad one more time, but everyone had hope.

My grandpa was expected to pass away that Tuesday but he actually lasted until Wednesday. That was the day that my dad rushed over here from Texas in his semi truck. It took my dad over 20 hours to get here. When he got here he spent the whole day with his dad on his death bed. My grandpa died that same day. The most amazing thing is that my grandpa never stopped fighting until he saw his son one more time. That shows how an incredible impact hope has. Ever since then, i never stopped having hope and a new perspective i have toward hope.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Summary and reflection on Gilbert's talk

Today i will be talking about the arguments that  Dan Gilbert has when he has his ted talk. First off when he talks about happiness he basically says that when a person has a choice to do something or take something that they want, the people who choose, usually are less happy than the people who couldn't choose. In the Ted talk he talks about our psychological immune system and that the immune system find the silver lining of things and makes us feel truly happy when we need it.

He did an experiment where he told people to take a picture of anything so that he could enlarge it and put a frame on it. when they did that, he later said that they could choose one picture to take home but that they could come back and get it to switch it out. With another group of students he did the same thing but he said that they could only choose one picture because the rest would be sent to a museum in England, so they had only one chance to get one picture. After they all chose, he found out that the people who only had one picture to choose from were more happy than the people who could exchange their pictures.

After i see the end of the talk, i think of the very important things that Dan Gilbert says during the Ted Talk which are when he says that our cerebral cortex is something that only us homo sapiens have; that it lets us simulate the experience in our head to see the best situation in which we can do. Also when he says that if someone fails a test or passes a test, in the end both situations end in you being happy. One of the most meaningful things that he has said was that happiness can be synthesized, in which our psychological immune system can basically make the world better in our minds, therefore making us more happier.


When i think of happiness, i usually think of when i'm with family. Also when i'm having a nice time somewhere. But today i want to talk about why some people aren't as happy as others. I want to talk about why people are happy; what is happiness. So when someone asks me, what is happiness, i would tell them that happiness depends on the situation and how much a person enjoys them selves when they are having a nice time. Also happiness is when a person has a mental state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions.

When i think about why people aren't happy, i think about their every day lives and what might make them unhappy. Like if someone has to work two or three jobs, they might be stressed out about bills or money; that might be a reason why they aren't happy. Also if someone is having conflicts with another person or with that persons spouse, that might cause a person to have anxiety or be emotional. Sometimes when i see my brother unhappy, it is mostly because something happen to him that makes him unhappy. When my mom is sad, it is because her and my dad has a conflict about something or when she finds out that a relative dies.

But happiness is very important for a person, because it might affect a persons choices and their attitude towards another person. I think of that because happiness is contagious in which someone compliments someone on how they look. Has anyone seen that commercial of jimmy dean sausage biscuit when he gives his umbrella to a person and that makes someone else happy. That is why happiness is important and the reason why if someone makes someone happy, then that person might make someone else happy as well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Self Control

When I think of self control, I usually think of the marshmallow test. And when I thing of the marshmallow test, I think about my own self control. My own self control I think isn't really that great because I like to play games and joke around. At home I usually play video games and then do my homework or do it during class. Also when it comes to having self control for other things like waiting, I am very well at doing that type of stuff. Sometimes when i play games, i usually think for a second and check the time because on the weekend when my mom works i always clean the living room, the kitchen, and also take out the trash before she gets here. So i wait until two in the afternoon to do it because she gets out at three.

Another thing about self control is that a person can have the ability to lose them selves and that when they fail and they decide to give up, they lose a bit of their humanity and on their self respect. Also that when having self control they can have the ability to do great things like become a doctor or something else. Like when i'm at home and finish one homework and see that i have seven more, i just start to re think my decisions about how i'm supposed to do it.

Yet when i do accomplish my homework, i feel energized and very tired with a very large head ache, but i feel that i shouldn't have done that because then i would have a head ache the whole day and i would be miserable. But losing your self for a brief moment just reminds a person that they are still human and able to make mistakes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


When i was a kid about seven or eight years of age(which was when I was in 1st grade i think) I couldn't talk English so i was put into a speech class to help with that. I was also put into that class because I had speech problems like stuttering and prolonged phrases or letters, and the class helped me but they said that i could only control it not stop it or fix it. Anyway i was told many stereotypes when i was small about me being Mexican.
Then again i was in a pretty high class elementary school in Murrieta called Buchanan elementary school. Murrieta is a pretty clean and fancy area and with many beautiful houses and complexes. You couldn't believe how nice it was there, with all of the nice parks and lakes there. Well at the school people made fun of my speech and told me to talk right or to speak English good. That really made me emotional because i knew what they were saying but i couldn't respond.

A couple years later when i was in third grade, I had a friend names Javier who I was very close with because we were in the same speech class. At the time i was only in speech for my stuttering and prolongation; he was there for English. I had already learned English well and was able to speak well. He would only talk Spanish and he would later be bullied for that since we were in a neighborhood with wealthy/middle class families (which we were) but we talked Spanish most of the time. It got so bad that he was beat up a little by a kid, but he was expelled afterwards for bullying and Javier was fine. These are some of the stories that i have about bullying or stereotypes in my childhood. So the moral of the story is to not hate or discriminate using stereotypes because you have o treat others the way you want to be treated.

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Favorite Place

A favorite place that I think of is something where i feel most comfortable like my grandmas house. But on the other hand it could be at my old house in temecula where it was very pretty and clean. What i mean by that is that when i was a kid i would go to my aunts house because she was the only one in my family who had a pool and who lived in murrieta near my house. I would go there every day and did not hesitate to ask my parents. Then again i was 6 years old and didn't know better. Also since i was young, and my neighborhood was very safe, i was able to walk to many places like the park and to school.

The things that I would do is play with my cousins and basically have fun with them. I always loved their house instead of mine because they always did fun stuff like go hiking and swimming, or go to basketball games. But in their perspective they they always thought that I had the best house just because I had my dogs and a play structure at my house.

When they would go to my house we would play in the my room because I had the play station 2 with Lego batman on it and grand theft auto vice city. Afterwards we would go outside to play on the play structure and put a hose on the slide and make a water slide. Then we would go inside and eat food like macaroni and cheese with chicken strips. I think that someones favorite place is somewhere where they don't go much like in this case my house. So in the end, we should  rationalize the places that we go are the things that we eat or play because that way we can always enjoy everything that we do.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Out of your comfort zone

One thing that i have done to get out of my comfort zone is little things like joining a different sport or maybe eating in class like how I did just now; so i was eating a sandwich. It is importunate that you step out of your comfort zone because it helps build your character as a person. Also it helps when you want to have fun or if you need something that you want to do such as skydiving. It also has to do with not being scared like when you really want to go skydiving but your too scared to do so. You need to get out of your comfort zone and make meaning of your life by doing something new. I would not get out of my comfort zone for nothing and I would just have a boring life doing nothing, but then when I joined a sport, It gave me the energy to do other stuff like joining clubs and going to friends houses to play video games there while eating junk food.

One way getting out of your comfort zone is healthy for you is so that way you could be able to have a multicultural life and be able to not have a boring life in general. by doing something, a person can have an experience that they can tell their kids about once they are older. I remember when my dad would tell me stories of when he was a kid and when he would do stupid things. That's one example of why you should get out of your comfort zone and have a great experience. So what are you waiting for!?